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What is Mobile Document Shredding Industry

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What is Mobile Document Shredding Industry

Mobile document shredding is a business to business service whereby confidential documents are destroyed within a purpose built mobile document shredding truck. The primary focus of mobile document shredding is to provide a more secure and cost effective means for the disposal of confidential or sensitive materials.

The service originated in Canada, and over the last 25 years the concept has grown to become very widespread throughout North America. The service spread to other countries and is showing strong growth in Europe and Asia. When customers become familiar with the service they accept mobile shredding as the preferred method of document destruction.

A background to the mobile document shredding industry

The mobile shredding industry emerged in North America in the mid 1980s, and provided a cost effective alternative to in-house shredding of confidential documents.

The service spread across the continent, grown mostly be "Mom and Pop" type specialist mobile shredding companies. The lack of market understanding and acceptance meant that these early mobile shredding companies were having to introduce and explain the service, then to sell the service over the traditional off-site offering. Marketing the service was mostly via outbound efforts where the supplier was contacting the customer.

During the 1990's mobile shredding continued to increase in penetration in the North American market and also spread to Europe and Australasia. By the early 2000's service consumers in North America better understood the service and mobile shredding was beginning to be seen as a mainstream alternative to off-site shredding services.

As understanding of the service grew, consumers of mobile shredding services came to accept the service as a mainstream alternative to off-site shredding, and mobile shredding companies began to notice a greater level of in-bound enquiry, where the customer would contact the shredding service, and sales would be made.

Why is mobile document shredding a growth industry?

The demand for document destruction services is entrenched and growing. While the use of digital technology was predicted by some to produce the paper-less office, the falling cost and better quality of printing combined with a greater penetration of digital communication has resulted in the exact opposite and paper usage is rising not falling.

In addition, the incidence of identity theft is a rapidly increasing problem, and the protection of personal information is therefore a major issue facing governments worldwide, so legislation that encourages personal information to be destroyed is becoming more widespread.

The mobile shredding industry has grown from a handful of trucks in North America in the mid 1980's to now become a mainstream service in some areas, with ground floor growth opportunities available in others.

Every Business Has Information That Requires Destruction.

All businesses and government departments deal with confidential information. Customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, drafts of bids and correspondence, salary schedules, employment contracts etc are entrusted with information that must be kept private.

Seemingly mundane documents in the wrong hands can cause great problems- for instance a staff annual leave schedule can spell disaster in the hands of a burglar. Employees and customers have a legal right to have their data protected. Without the proper safeguards, information ends up in the waste skip where it is readily, and legally available to anybody.

The trash is considered by business espionage professionals as the single most available source of competitive and private information from the average business. Any establishment that discards private and proprietary data without the benefit of destruction exposes itself to the risk of criminal and civil prosecution, as well as the costly loss of business.

Stored Records Should Be Destroyed On A Regular Basis.

The period of time that organizations records are stored should be determined by a retention schedule that takes into consideration their useful value to the organization and the governing legal requirements. No record should be kept longer than this retention period.

Internal Personnel Should Not Be Responsible For Destroying Certain Information

Common sense indicates that payroll information and materials that involve labour relations or legal affairs should not be entrusted to lower level employees for destruction. In addition competitively sensitive information is best restricted to employees on a need to know basis.

The only acceptable alternative is to have the materials destroyed under the supervision of upper management or by a carefully selected, high security service.

A destruction Shredding Service Should Destroy Documents As Soon As Possible after Pickup

Shredding in-house requires the purchase and maintenance of shredding machinery, payment of operators wages or disruption if a staff member is asked to shred in addition to their other tasks, gathering of the material to be shredded, provision of space for the shredding equipment, containment and removal of the shredded waste paper produced and in addition to the above it is a laborious and unenviable task.

Privacy Legislation creates demand for mobile document shredding

Worldwide governments are responding to privacy and identity theft concerns by introducing or strengthening privacy legislation.

In the Australia the Data Protection Act specifies that private information is to be handled and the disposed of in a manner that ensures confidentiality is maintained.

This type of legal requirement has underpinned the growth of the industry, and if would appear to move only in the direction of becoming more coercive and therefore increasing the demand for shredding services.

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