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Mobile shredding trucks

The main distinctions between various makes and models of mobile shredding trucks are Throughput per hour, payload capacity, unloading speed and overall reliability. A high throughput, high payload, reliable and rapidly unloaded truck is far more profitable to operate.

Low throughput

A vehicle option that can have a low capital cost is a "homebuilt" truck, bought from a Company that may make mobile shredding trucks as a sideline to its main business or built under contract by an engineering company with no previous experience in manufacturing mobile shredding trucks.

These trucks are characterized by low throughput, lesser reliability, less efficient unloading systems and lacking options that are available on the vehicles available Through more specialist mobile shredding truck manufacturers. These trucks were more common up until the late 1990's, when the customers of mobile shredding services were generally smaller than they are now and so had lower volumes of documents shredded each month.

With larger customers and mobile shredding companies becoming more professional in their approach, there has been a shift towards higher throughput trucks from specialist Manufacturers of mobile shredding vehicles.

In addition, the advent of trucks that are far more profitable to operate have meant that it is better for some shredding companies to discontinue to use their low-throughput truck, even if it is not due for replacement due to age.

Higher Throughput Trucks

With the increasing volumes of documents being shredded through mobile shredding Trucks there has been a move towards trucks with higher throughput and payload, more efficient unloading and very high reliability.

Various models of mobile shredding truck are now available to cater for specific requirements, with smaller trucks proving suitable for narrow congested city streets and Higher throughput trucks for larger volume clients and purge jobs.

AXO are the largest supplier of mobile shredding trucks to the Asian and European markets and offer reliable vehicles with high throughput, efficient payload discharge and many options.

Document collection containers

To facilitate the collection of documents, shredding companies provide their customers With some type of collection system - either bins, cabinets or bags.

The cost of the containers is either built into the shredding fee, or is charged separately as a monthly rental. Whatever the collection system used, they should be sited near points of high foot traffic, near work areas and photocopy rooms, they should have decals that clearly display the Name and contact details of the shredding firm and that make it clear that documents placed inside will be shredded onsite in a mobile shredding truck.


Perhaps the most widespread collection container is the plastic 120, 240 or 360 liter "wheelie" bin. These are available with slotted and locking lids specifically for the Purpose of confidential document collection.


Purpose designed confidential document collection cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. When customers are given the option of cabinets in various shades and sizes they are seeing the benefits over their relatively un-attractive and bulky "wheelie bins".

Shredding firms are generally able to charge more when they supply cabinets over bins, either by way of a monthly cabinet rental, or by charging a higher fee (when equated on a per kilogram, per unit or time basis) for each shred.

In addition to being able to charge more for cabinets, there is also the benefit of tailoring the cabinets to meet the customers taste in size and color - this creates a "stickier" relationship between the customer and the shredding firm, so your customer base becomes more resistant to approaches by your competitors. Fitted within the cabinets are canvas bags with drawstring closing.

The bags are hung from lugs fitted to the inside walls of the cabinets, and are easily retrieved by the shredding truck operator. The shredding truck operators generally place collected bags into a bin which makes collecting of multiple bags very convenient.


Two types of bags are commonly used in the UK - woven polypropylene and multi walled paper sacks. Bags are a convenient low cost collection system that allow a distinct advantage over both bins and cabinets - they are very easy to store and carry, and they can be sent by mail or courier.

Given they can be delivered by a third party, many shredding firms will sell their bags (ie. printed with their logo etc.) on a pre-paid basis. Once the bag is full the clients contact the shredding firm to arrange collection.

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