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All shredders are not made equal

AXO Shredders now a Shred-Tech Company
News / July 2008

Are all shredding machines the same?

Industrial electric motors are used in a great variety of applications, and across these applications there is a vast difference in the way the motors come under load. An industrial fan for instance loads up slowly as the speed increases, so the current drawn is very constant and predictable. An industrial slow speed shredding machine has a very unpredictable load pattern and it sometimes loads up slowly, but other times could become suddenly loaded or could even start fully loaded. This presents a particular challenge to motor control systems.

As an electric motor draws more current when it comes under load, it is very important that when sudden loads are encountered, un-harnessed and potentially destructive levels of current do not suddenly flow to the motors. Key components of the system therefore are the methods that are used to start and to control the current to the motors so they receive enough current to generate the torque required to shred through dense in-feed product, but not such a rush of current that there is permanent damage or that the system frequently overloads and trips itself into the protection of an auto-reversal.

Through a considerable investment of time and money, AXO have developed what we believe is proven to be the best electric drive shredding machine technology on the market. Through our advanced motor starting technology and the AXO SmoothShred current management system, the flow of electricity to the electric motors is handled in a way that maximises the current delivered to the motors, but at the same time protects the machines from overloading and tripping into reverse. Achieving this means that unlike shredders with cheaper, inferior technology, AXO electric drive machines rarely go into reverse, while still drawing the required amount of current to shred a high volume. The benefits? There are many, including a significantly higher throughput than other machines of a similar power rating and a greatly reduced chance of exceeding your buildings power reticulation limits.

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Upgrade for growth

With the general rise in the volume of paper being shredded, operators sometimes find themselves in a position of having themselves and staff work long hours, having large backlogs of material for shredding and negotiating with customers to carefully schedule pickups so the stockpile for shredding does not become so large that it literally goes out the door. At this point, operators often start to think about upgrading. Another occurrence at this point is that growth slows, as management are spending more time managing staff, staff spend more time managing customers and no one is actively sourcing new business. In fact new business may well have been halted some time ago, especially large purge jobs.

When is the ideal time to upgrade? If the business objective is to have constant growth, then very often the best time to upgrade us just early enough that growth is not slowed through holding on to old low throughput equipment too long. When the upgrade to higher throughput equipment does occur everything seems easy again and the stockpiles disappear, even the largest of shredding jobs are accepted without a second thought, hours worked fall and more time is spend getting the customers, not managing the customers.

AXO welcomes new staff

Sales of AXO mobile shredding trucks and electric drive plant based shredding machines continue to grow in Europe, and with this so does the UK office of AXO Shredders. Several years ago AXO made the decision that staff dedicated 100% to our customers will give the best levels of service and attention, and that we would therefore avoid outsourcing the very important functions of service and sales. This decision has proven to be a good one, with our factory employed service team being able to provide the highest level of attention to our customers at all times, and with sales continuing to increase.

Recently three new additions were made to the AXO Europe team. Sam Talbot (Office Manager), Pat Poulter (Accounts) and Christian Yonnet (Project and Service Engineering) have joined our team in recent months. All three staff were very carefully selected and were chosen for being standouts in terms of their skill levels and dedication to their roles. We welcome them on board and know that they will offer the highest level of service to our European customers.

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