Industrial Shredding Machines, superior technology including the
industry's most advanced electric motor control. High
Throughput and Low Energy Consumption compared
to other shredders with the same kW
rating. Ease of maintenance,
ultra reliable.

AXO offers Shred-Trucks to suit local vehicles in many countries
that efficiently integrate with our equipment.
Mobile Document Shredding Trucks are
offered in a range of shredder
specifications, payloads
and cab-chassis.


Shredding any type
of biomass requires a focus
on high throughput, low cost, and low
maintenance. A biomass shredding system is required
for most biomass power plants to reduce the organic feedstock
to a size suitable for the boiler

AXO design
Shredding Plants that process
material efficiently, require a minimum
of maintenance and are ultimately profitable for our
customers. We offer modular systems and layouts that
have already proven their effectiveness all over the world.