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AXO Shredders now a Shred-Tech Company

What type of products can I shred?

The AXO Fatso shredder is designed to shred paper and many other products at a consistent and efficient rate.

We have a range of shredder configurations that we will suit varied product, and varied amounts. The below can be used as a guideline:

  • Paper Products
  • Confidential documents
  • Bundled paper
  • Tickets Rolls of labels
  • Cardboard Reels or Rolls of paper
  • Archive boxes
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Plastics:
    • Plastic containers
    • Plastic sheets
  • Car battery cases
  • Car bumpers
  • Vehicle Headlight housings
  • Plastic off-cuts
  • Transport Pallets
  • Pre-granulation shredding
  • Textiles:
    • Uniforms
    • Counterfeit clothing
    • Counterfeit shoes
    • Toys
    • Contaminated cloth
  • Consumer Product:
    • Counterfeit goods
    • Hard-Drives
    • Off specification or recalled goods
    • CD's
    • DVDs
    • VHS Tapes
    • Some types of Medical Waste

Is there a warranty on the equipment?

AXO offer a 12 Month Warranty on all new equipment.

Do you hold parts stock and have factory trained engineers on hand for service and maintenance?

AXO hold parts at all of their global locations, we have fully trained service technicians available who can come to your site or help over the phone depending on your location. Parts can be shipped out overnight and in many cases arrive within 48 hours of dispatch.

What maintenance on the shredder will I need to do on a daily basis?

Very little maintenance is required, AXO recommend the cutter shaft bearings are replaced on a yearly basis .Our one piece designed shafts do not need to be tensioned like conventional stacked shredder shafts, therefore the tolerances between the cutters is always constant and the shredding process is extremely efficient.

What if I have a low power supply into my premises?

AXO have designed a power control system which we call Smooth-Shred. Smooth-Shred manages the amount of power each motor requires depending on how hard the shredder is working. This not only reduces wear on the equipment but helps reduce operating costs.

How often will the Mobile Shredding Truck require a service?

Each Mobile Shredding Truck has a diagnostic LCD screen mounted in the control panel. Each service interval will automatically come up based on the amount of machine hours the shredder has been working. The diagnostic screen will also report any machine faults and provide options for the operator to check. AXO recommends Shed-Trucks are serviced every three months.

Can AXO help with finance or leasing arrangements?

AXO has key relationships with third party vendors who can provide assistance with financing equipment or an operating lease. Please ask your local AXO office.

What parts suppliers do AXO use for there machines?

AXO source parts from various worldwide suppliers. We only use high quality parts that are reliable and have a long service life. Such as Eaton, Brevini, Bonfiglioni, ThyssenKrupp, Danfos, Keith Walking Floors, Parker, AAB to name a few...

How long have AXO been in business?

AXO have been manufacturing shredders and Shred-Trucks since 1997.

AXO, formerly Peak Waste Technology, was established in New Zealand in July 2000 by Greg Corrigan and Matthew Watson. Since 1997 Greg and Matt owned and operated Mum Group Ltd – "when security is paramount – MUM's the word". The company operated Shred-Trucks and shredding plant in the North Island of New Zealand. The company was Australasia's largest On-Site shredding company before the company was sold to Allied Pickfords in September 2001 and is now owned and operated by Iron Mountain.

During their time processing paper the company also designed and developed shredding systems with the emphasis on improving efficiency and reliability. AXO continues to invest in further development and prototyping of products which now sees AXO with the best production to kW ratio's in the industry.

AXO shredding systems are purchased around the world by customers in 35 countries. AXO builds more Shred-Trucks outside of North America than any other company. Other Shred-Truck manufacturers Shred-Tech and Alpine Shredders previously purchased AXO's designs and products under commercial agreements with AXO for sale within North America so many customers within the region are already familiar with AXO's contribution to the industry. From 2013 AXO is now selling the newest technology directly from AXO's own manufacturing facility in Philadelphia PA.

AXO has operations in USA (Philadelphia), United Kingdom (Bedford), and Thailand (Sri-Racha).

What happens to staples and plastic attached to paper or envelopes in the mobile shredders. Do you have to take them out before you shred it?

No you don't, but contaminant within the paper, will have an effect on the wear of the shafts over time

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